Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer – Review

Hi Beauties,

This time I am trying this Plum brand which is quite popular now a days. I have already mentioned that I have a combination skin, More of a oily side, I always love to use Matt products ,This time I got this Plum Moisturizer with Matt effect which I am going to review for you guys.

Its been like 4 months I have been using the Fabindia Vitamin E Cream as Moisturizer for my skin and I am almost in love with the product,  but my habit of  switching and try new products made me to use this one, which is not only a herbal (Green Tea) one but with Matt effect , The entire range of plum is nice , they have different moisturizer as per the skin types. Anyway I found this one which claims to prevent the skin from pimples and acne. Lets see the Ingredient list and Find out whats there:

Price: 450 Rs
Size: 50 ml
Brand Claims: Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer has green tea extracts and glycolic acid which keeps the skin healthy and prevents the oxidative stress of the cells due to the free radicals since it has antioxidants found in green tea which helps to eliminate the free radicals. This moisturizer is silicone free and has non comedogenic ingredients.

You can see the below slide for its texture , It has a runny texture and light feel on the skin.

My Take on the product:

Plum is an Indian brand which manufactures herbal skin care products and it is against animal testing.

I have been using this product from last 2 weeks, I have got this product from , I followed the whole process of C-T-M. I Clean my face and than toning and then this Green tea moisturizer comes in the picture.This Plum green tea mattyfying moisturizer comes in a white pump packaging with a transparent cap, Bottle is hygienic and easy to use.When you apply this on the skin, It does feel light on the skin, In nano seconds the product get dried and gives you a matte finish. Its not greasy at all but Its give me the same feeling I get when I use the Ponds White Beauty cream, Only difference is that Plum Moisturizer does not have that whitening effect like Ponds.

Now guys believe me or not after applying this product with in 3-4 days I have got some pimples on my face, I have been using it in day time and I don’t know whats wrong with this moisturizer, I also noticed the appearance of oil on my t-zone.It was not doing what it claims.

I have stop using it as I have tried this for enough time (2 weeks) and did not get the expected result.Even my friends started teasing me “this is the result of using a product you dont know anything about” Anyways I am gonna use multani miiti on my pimples. Phewww!!! there are things which has a magical effects ,like multani has on pimples..!All time savior!!

Goods of the product:

  1. Its herbal and paraben free
  2. Non greasy
  3. Love the Matte finish
  4. it has not break out my skin
  5. Packaging is travel friendly and hygienic
  6. Good for Oily skin girls

Bad’s of the Products:

  1. Costly Costly Costly Costly !!!! :p
  2. Less quantity- anyway Who needs it!! ( didn’t work for me)
  3. Might not suit for all skin types, As I am suffering from pimples 😦
  4. Not impressed by the ingredients- Only green tea is the highlight of the product, Nothing else is there.

Rating: 3/5

Not so yeeeeieeeeeii experience! Not going to purchase it again ..!!

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